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American Coffee Maker


Many people have a hobby of drinking coffee, or drinking coffee during busy work. If you want to make homemade coffee, you need a good coffee pot. Today we talk about American coffee makers. Come down and follow the small steps to learn about the American coffee maker's buying skills and the American coffee maker price.

American coffee pot selection skills

生活日用家电 美式咖啡壶的使用方法 美式咖啡壶品牌推

1, can not be empty. Like most kitchen appliances, electric coffee makers can't be burned. You must first install water and coffee and then turn on the power. Never power on in the empty pot. When cooking coffee, always pay attention to the water level in the pot. If the water is nearly dry, cut off the power supply in time, otherwise it will burn the kettle.

生活日用家电 美式咖啡壶的使用方法 美式咖啡壶品牌推

2, pay attention to waterproof. The electric coffee maker can't be dry, and it can't add too much water. Otherwise, the water will overflow and wet the electric heating element after the water boils. Do not allow water to splash on the electrical components of the kettle body when adding water, so as not to reduce the insulation performance. When cleaning the coffee pot, the pot body should not be directly immersed in water, but the filter screen and filter should be taken separately, and other parts should be wiped with a clean soft cloth.

生活日用家电 美式咖啡壶的使用方法 美式咖啡壶品牌推

3. Regular descaling. Before using the electric coffee maker for the first time, you should first cook two pots of boiling water to remove the bad taste. In the future, it will be descaled 2-5 times per year according to the usage.

American coffee pot price

Philips (PHILIPS) HD7434 drip coffee maker home American coffee pot (black) 308 yuan

Bear bear home automatic American drip coffee pot series coffee machine KFJ-A07V1 129 yuan

生活日用家电 美式咖啡壶的使用方法 美式咖啡壶品牌推

Philips/Philips HD7434 home American coffee machine office automatic drip coffee pot 249 yuan

Petrus American coffee machine PE3500 980 yuan

生活日用家电 美式咖啡壶的使用方法 美式咖啡壶品牌推

After reading this article about the selection of American coffee makers and the price of American coffee makers, I hope to help you.

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